Who Will Attend?

Our Attendees Will Feature:

  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Automotive Paint & Chemicals Manufacturers/ Suppliers
  • Automotive Coatings Manufacturers
  • Surface Treatment Chemicals and Systems
  • Paint Shop and Assembly Technology and Facilities
  • Paint And Chemical Supplier Research Centers

Including The Following Job Titles:

  • Chief Engineer, Global Paint Engineering
  • Global Paint Lead
  • VP Body and Paint
  • Director Of Paint Operations - Global
  • Head of Painting
  • Director Vehicle System Global Paint
  • Paint And Robotics Lead
  • Paint Strategy Leader
  • Global Technology Specialist - Surface Treatment
  • Surface Treatment Group Chief Engineer
  • Leader Paint & Finish
  • VP Manufacturing Operations
  • Director, Manufacturing Engineering-Vehicle Systems
  • VP Engineering and General Manager - Automotive Coatings

And VPs, SVPs, Engineers and Managers of

  • Adhesives and Coatings
  • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Paint
  • Application
  • Advanced Materials
  • Assembly, Sealing and Fastening
  • Automotive and Specialty Coatings
  • Body & Paint
  • Body and Paint
  • Body Sealing
  • Body Shop
  • Body Shop and Paint
  • Body Shop Production Control
  • Body Shop Quality
  • Coating
  • Coating & Paints
  • Coating Process
  • Coatings
  • Corrosion & Coatings
  • E-coat
  • Electrocoat
  • Factory Applied Coating
  • Final Process
  • Functional Coatings
  • General Assembly Paint
  • Global Paint
  • Lead Global Application
  • Manufacturing and Finish
  • Manufacturing Body / Paint
  • Manufacturing Engineering Paint
  • Manufacturing Engineering Paint Material & Environment
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Manufacturing Paint Materials
  • Materials and Processes
  • Materials Engineering Surface Treatment and Paint
  • Materials-Coatings
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Paint and Plastics Process Engineering
  • Paint and Plastics Quality Engineering
  • Paint Body shop
  • Paint Engineering
  • Paint Engineering Innovation
  • Paint Materials and Facility Engineering
  • Paint Materials Engineering
  • Paint Process & Applications
  • Paint Process & Quality
  • Paint Process Coordination and Quality Groups
  • Paint Process Materials
  • Paint Process Oven & Paint Booth
  • Paint Shops
  • Paint Strategy
  • Paint Technology
  • Paint, Polymers & Automation
  • Paintshop
  • Paintshop Engineering
  • Polymers & Coatings
  • Powertrain Coatings
  • Pre-Treatment
  • Pre-Treatment & Electrocoat Material
  • Product Planning Paint
  • Robotics
  • Smart Coatings
  • Technology Development Materials and Process Engineering
  • Topcoat
  • Vehicle System Global Paint

Automotive Paint Shop Innovation Congress

Designed To Provide Real Solutions To The Technical And Commercial Challenges Of The Modern Automotive Paint Shop

OEMs globally are rapidly innovating in the field of new paint and coatings technology and application, particularly as the industry moves towards more compact, integrated and low temperature processes. And within the global automotive industry, the evolution of trends such as lightweight materials, electrification and autonomous are also driving strategic changes within the Paint Shop itself.

Following the continued success of our internationally acclaimed Battery Electric Vehicle Architecture Series, Global Automotive Lightweight Materials and Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Manufacturing events, the 1st Automotive Paint Shop Innovation Congress - Southern States will bring together OEMS and materials manufacturers with paint, coatings, chemicals and other technology companies based in the Southern United States; a major manufacturing hub for many of the leading automotive brands.

Why Are We Holding This Congress Now?

A number of factors are behind the development of our agenda. The growing utilization of mixed materials (substrates) in vehicle construction requires the use of new types of paints/coatings and painting technologies or processes to allow for the painting and curing of multi-substrate and standard car bodies on the same line. The drive to reduce environmental impact and to meet new regulatory requirements through the use of more environmentally friendly paint and painting methods is also a major driver. The need to implement new energy and cost saving paint technologies must be achieved without compromising the quality of paint finish, and finally, paint materials and technologies need to be compatible with the evolving requirements of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving, two major trends within automotive.

Not just another technical conference on coatings technology, the 1st Automotive Paint Shop Innovation Congress - Southern States will bring together the OEM community to evaluate and compare real results on the technologies they are utilizing and discover what other OEMs are doing in respect of new research, new ideas and new strategies. 

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Why This Event Is Unique

Event Coverage

With a dedicated portion of the agenda looking at advances in color matching, as well as the technical aspects of the painting process regarding color, the Congress will feature OEMs case studies and cutting -edge research from both North America and Europe to facilitate benchmarking and information exchange for participants on the key need-to-know issues, including:

  • Delivering Cost Savings & Driving Lower Energy Usage In The Paint Shop
  • Adapting To The Revolutions In Electrification, Autonomy & Mixed Substrate Structures
  • Application Of Low Temperature Paints & Techniques For Finishing Mixed Substrates
  • Implementing The Latest New Technological Developments on Scratch Resistance, Self Cleaning Materials, Low-Bake and Coatings For Lightweight Mixed Body Material Structures
  • Evaluating Potential Energy Savings In Different Processes, incl. Baking Temperature and Voltage for the eCoat
  • Optimizing Costs To Achieve The Highest Possible Performance Levels
  • Finishing Multi Materials For Lightweight Cars
  • Paint Shop for Electric and Autonomous Vehicles With Different Operating and Usage Patterns And New Requirements for Radar

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Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing

"Best 3 days spent to learn and capture lightweight market trends and technologies".


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